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Bumblebee Movie Trailer 2 Breakdown. Cybertron Setting & more info on the robot cast. setting, origins, transformers, new. What’s going on guys? My name is RBG and I’m bringing you my breakdown on the latest Bumblebee movie trailer. And man do we have a lot to process. I gotta admit that I saw teaser snippet a day prior to official trailer so I knew what was in store for. But this trailer still blew my gotdamn mind. If you’ve been itching for a Transformers film that shows respect to the series you grew up with. This movie looks like it’s gonna do that and then some. And if you loved the 1st film and wish there was another film that recaptured that same vibe. It looks like this movie will deliver that blackbuster feel. Except it won’t be a summer blockbuster it’ll be a holidy blockbuster. And that kinda has me worried because December is gonna be packed to the brim with huge film franchises. You have movies like Aqua-Man and Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. Two highly anticipated films that I’m sure are gonna rake in a ton of cash. Thankfully Bumblebee’s movie comes out after both of them. And even if it doesn’t hit a billion like TF3 or 4 it won’t necessarily be a lost. Because this movie is said to have the cheapest budget out of all the Transformer flicks. That’s why Paramount doesn’t wanna go to big. As I mentioned in my last video the CG designs are gonna be dialed down compared to the Bay films. Like he got himself caught up on making sure the transformers fit within a realistic setting. The CG models were very costly with each robot averaging roughly around 5 thousand parts. Like the guns in Ironhide’s CGI model had over 10,000 pieces each.


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