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Bumblebee the Movie comic is confirmed! Bumblebee origin story and transformers comics past to be rebooted in idw ending soon. Youtube Bumblebee comic book Transformers G1 history. Whats up guys, RBG here. Hitting you guys up with news regarding the new Transformers Bumblebee solo film. And the latest news comes curtousy of TFW2005. And I gotta admit this is some pretty satisfying news because apparently IDW is coming out with a prequal comic/novelization to the Bumblebee Movie. This is something that came wayy out of left field because we haven’t gotten any spin-off comics regarding the live action movies since Dark of the Moon. I mean of coarse you could include the Titan Magazines but those weren’t necessarily well written entries and they were only exclusive to the U.K. But anyways 1 of the main reasons IDW haulted their production on the prequal comics was because of the Transformers director Michael Bay himself. Supposedly around the time Dark of the Moon was set to release theaters, the comics that were released in conjunction with it ended up spoiling the a good chunk of the movie. Now I have to admit that that is a bomber considering that the comics do the movies so much justice. Because they essentially provided us with an idea of how things were on Cybertron before the main storyline became more earth based and revolved around humans. But I guess I can’t really be too upset with Michael Bay’s decision to end it because he knows that the movies are at the forefront of this franchise. And there’s a ton of stuff that I haven’t even covered on this channel regarding some of the Autobots and Decepticons. Now I’m guessing that since Bay isn’t tied to the current film Hasbro has given IDW the ho-ahead to continue this tradition. Like I know that the original idea was to come up with a fresh new canon that steps over the established boundaries that were previously setup. Because it’s obvious that this story is gonna contradict a lot of story elements that were set in the previous run. Like I don’t think the writers room took into consideration that the IDW prequel comics has already shed light of what Bumblebee was up to before the events of the movies. I’m talking every tiny detail from him getting his voice processor destroyed to how he met up with Sam Witwicky. So of coarse this new entry is bound to rewrite some of the story elements we’ve come to accept. But anyways I think we have a lot to look forward to because the comic will be made by the same team who worked on the Robots in Disguise comics.

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