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This video features Devil May Cry 3 All Cutscenes Movie. So since it’s been 2 years since I uploaded my 1st Devil May Cry 3 cutscenes video which was originally recorded using the HD PVR. I decided to rerecorded with the more powerful Elgato Capture HD, and do it with better frames and visuals. Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening is about the half-demon gun slinging Dante, a man who’s words can be just as loud as his actions. He seems to not have a care in the world but when it comes to destroying demons it seems like one of his passions. Devil May Cry 3 and all its cutscenes are very action packed, the do a good job of drawing in even the casual viewers. The 1st time you witness Dante swag surf on top of a demon will have you in awe. DMC3 feels more like a movie than an actual game, the choreography for the fight sequences between Dante and Virgil were well directed. I can say that this game and all its cutscenes feels like a sensational thrill ride that you’ll never wanna get off of and if you do manage to get off you’ll find yourself getting right back on. In every Devil May Cry game it tells a legend of a demon named Sparta, he fought against his on brethren to obtain peace between the human and demon realm.

A mysterious man Arkham seems to very interested in this tale and wants to relives the events of Sparta bringing the legend back to life. He decides to join with 1 half of Sparta’s offspring Vergil. When it comes to Vergil, he’s the total opposite of his cheerful outgoing brother Dante. In Devil May Cry 3 cutscenes your taste may differ on who you prefer more out of him and Dante. If you like loud in your face destruction like I do then you will fall in love with Dante’s style. And since I’m on the subject of styles, DMC features 4 skills that you can optimize and give you an upper hand on your opponents especially when out numbered. It includes the trickster which allows to zip past, and run on walls. The gun slinger which will allow you to shoot enemies more stylishly and in different directions. The royal guard which is a defensive mechanism passed down through the Sparta family bloodline and the sword master style which speaks for itself.

All in All it was fun making this cutscenes movie foe you guys and if you like it please be my guest and leave a LIKE on the video but if you didn’t like it or don’t like me for some odd reason do me a favor and DISLIKE the video. It took me multiple times to get this right since I had to deal with frame rate issues and remastering problem within Devil May Cry 3 Remastered HD but I think I finally got it right and this will be the best movie of it thus far.

Devil May Cry 3 Dante’s Awakening and all it’s cutscenes are owned and developed by Capcom. This video was uploaded to get the viewers to support the series by buying the game for themselves.


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