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Devil May Cry 5 Dante’s Theme Subhuman gets taken down. And the composer takes to Instagram to respond. rant, dmc 5, youtube, capcom. What’s up guys? My name is RBG, and we are back with more coverage on Devil May Cry 5. In the wake of TGS 2018 the Devil May Cry community has been getting a ton of news regarding DMC5. Some of it good and some of it downright polarizing. Before we got the more positive news we were sadly overwhelmed with the bad. And that’s in regards to the highly anticipated theme for DMC5’s leading protagonist, Dante. We had recently gotten a snippet of what the song would entail at this years Gamescom trailer. And I gotta admit I initially liked what I heard. I was hoping that this new song would get me even more pumped to play the game. But what I got essentially knocked the wind out of my hype sails. Less than 24 hours ago Capcom released the song titled “Subhuman” in the form of a music video on the official Devil May Cry youtube channel. And to nobody’s suprise it got an overwhelming amount of backlash. Fans were shocked with Capcom’s decision of opting to go with Black Metal as opposed to the usual Heavy Metal we’ve come so accustomed to. While I do admit that deathcore and a video game with esoteric satanic themes sounds like a match made in heaven. There was a lot not to like about this theme. 1 being the vocals. The screaming performed by Suicide Silence’s lead vocalist, Eddie Mermida were downright earwrenching. And it felt like the lyrics were trying to be too. That seemed to be the main issue fans were upset with. The production value was very poor, with some noting that the vocals overpowered the actual music. Other listeners praised the instrumentals and stated they’d rather just listen to it without vocals. And to that I have to agree.

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