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Devil May Cry 5 new story & gameplay details and possible relationship between V & Nico. Jump cancels to possibly be nerfed. development, youtube, mad, combos, breakdown, vitale. What’s up guys? RBG here back with another Devil May Cry 5 news updated. Just wanted to say that we’re nearing 300k subscribers and the support continues to pour in and to that I’m eternally grateful. Like seriously you guys have no idea at how shocked I’ve been at the huge reception these update videos have gotten. In the last video we talked about the the mysterious character V who has now been revealed to be Vitale. Who’s said to possess abilities that allow him to summon demons through chants. In today’s upload we’ll be going over more leaked info regarding DMC5’s cast and the gameplay. But before we jump into the topic at hand I wanna remind you that I’m giving away a free mouse. Since you guys have supported this channel I’ve linked up Mallknow to give you their brand new gaming mouse. It features a high FPS Rate, 7 different switches such as the back and forward buttons. An adjustable DPI, microswitches backed with LED lights, and much more. As I mentioned you can get this mouse absolutely free. And the shipping and handling averages around 5 dollars depending on your location. The link will be in the description box below so make sure you jump on that while the offer last. But getting back on topic, Devil May Cry 5’s leading developers share new information on the upcoming action game in the latest issue Famitsu magazine. Going more in depth about how they were able to balance the title’s trademark action with photorealism. Hideaki Itsuno and producers Michiteru Okabe and Matt Walker noted that evil May Cry 5 is going to have a focus on photorealism, and this is going to impact the game in a number of ways.


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