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Super Dragon Heroes Online Goku Xeno Origin finally explained? Goku history, Goku xeno story, goku history, goku xeno past, goku xeno transformation, xeno goku manga, english dub, subtitles.

Dragon Ball Super Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvQRMXUKeSrdAfnqxiz_x9A

So today we’re gonna be breaking down the mysterious world of Dragon Ball Heroes because for the most part that’s a DB related thing that’s kinda just there. Like fans see it but they don’t necessarily know what the hell is going on in all the various cutscenes or whatnot. So I’m gonna go ahead and take the initiative to give a brief synopsis on the character origins, backstory, and plot. Because Dragon Ball Heroes has this weird story element that sorta ties into other streamlined video games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse and the cancelled Dragon Ball Online which is pretty much the catalyst for all these alternite universe titles. But anyways DB Heroes has become infamous for introducing what-if characters and scenarios. Like you might see characters perform transformations that have never been seen in any of the cannon shows or manga. It’s pretty much a deviant artist’s wet dream. But for the most part everything that you see is mainly used to promote merchindise because this is an arcade machine game. And there’s like an ongoing seasonal thing where it’ll use characters from the Dragon Ball Super show to usher in new fans. Now unlike the other games I mentioned, Heroes features a spin-off manga that gives the viewer a in depth look at some of the characters. And the 1st character we’ll be looking at today is Xeno Goku. Xeno Goku or Goku Xeno is technically Goku from an alternate timeline but for the most part his history is pretty much the same as the main Goku we see in Dragon Ball. The only exceptions being that movie events & Dragon Ball GT that we know aren’t canon to the main series, are basically set in stone for Goku Xeno’s story.

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