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Could we be going to Universe 6 in the future Saga of Dragon Ball Super?


With the tournament of power drawing to a close a lot of fans are wondering what’s next for the Z warriors. Yo whats going on DB enthusiasts it’s your boy RBG hitting you guys up with another video. It’s been a while. I’ve been getting a buttload of messages asking my thoughts on the current events of the show and to be frankly honest it’s been quite decent. I mean yeah seeing Goku run around like a kid at the dollar store has gotten pretty stale but the tournament has it’s high points. I think if anything the new introduction of Ultra Instinct Omen is really gonna add a bit more depth to the story. And it’s definitely gonna give the fanboys something to drool about thus allowing an increase in youtube views. Because people wanna know who will be the next lucky contestent to get that Ultra Instinct stimulus package. And I got all my money on Gohan. But anyways that’s not exactly what I wanted to talk about today. What I really wanted to speak on was the future of Universe 6 and it’s Saiyan inhabitants. Just what exactly does Toriyama have in store for them? Now that we’ve gotta a glimpse of the immense power of the female duo Kale & Caulifa, how much potential does that particular group have? Because we’ve gotten an entire out the ass rewrite of the Saiyan biology at this point. And many fans are not necessarily pleased with this recent inclusion of the back tingle transformation. I think all would have been forgiven if we didn’t see these upstarts ascend to levels that took Universe 7 years to master. We’re talking sagas here. What makes matters even worse is the fact that good character development was sacrificed in place of fanservice. Give a Broly reference here, and a Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan reference there and all the fanboys who lack a keen eye for story telling are happy. I think this issue could be remedied if Toriyama and the big wigs at TOEI actually dedicate a story arc to the Saiyans of Planet Sadala. A planet that was originally destroyed by Freiza somewhere around Age 550. Judging from Cabba’s attire and how it’s the old uniform Saiyans use to wear in Universe 7 it’s safe to assume that Sadal didn’t succumb to colonialism or terrorism from outsiders. Another assumption that could be made is that this group of Saiyans aren’t necessarily war mongers like their twin universe counterparts. Of coarse we all know when it comes to Universe 7 it was always survival of the fittest. When you have to deal with a universe filled with a hierarchy of villains it’s only a matter of team before you eventually join the pact. Especially if it means protecting your own people. I think it should be called Dragon Ball Super full or db super universe 6 super saiyan god. And we could talk about Dragon Ball Super subtitles which we so desperately need. I’m ready to see vegeta go to universe 6, and meet the 1st super saiyan god.

Con el torneo de poder llegando a su fin, muchos fanáticos se preguntan qué pasará con los guerreros Z. ¿Qué pasa con los entusiastas de DB? Es tu chico RBG golpeándote con otro video. Ha sido un tiempo. He estado recibiendo un montón de mensajes que me preguntan sobre los acontecimientos actuales del programa y para ser sinceramente honesto, ha sido bastante decente. Quiero decir, sí, ver a Goku correr como un niño en la tienda de dólar se ha vuelto bastante obsoleto, pero el torneo tiene sus puntos fuertes. Creo que, en todo caso, la nueva presentación de Ultra Instinct Omen agregará un poco más de profundidad a la historia. Y definitivamente le dará a los fanboys algo por lo que babear, permitiendo un aumento en las vistas de youtube. Porque la gente quiere saber quién será el próximo contendor afortunado para obtener ese paquete de estímulo Ultra Instinct. Y obtuve todo mi dinero en Gohan. Pero de todos modos, no es exactamente de lo que quería hablar hoy. En lo que realmente quería hablar era en el futuro del Universo 6 y en los habitantes de Saiyan. ¿Qué tiene Toriyama exactamente para ellos? Ahora que tenemos un vistazo del inmenso poder del dúo femenino Kale & Caulifa, ¿cuánto potencial tiene ese grupo en particular? Porque hemos obtenido una reescritura completa de la biología de Saiyan en este punto.

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