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More Scans on Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s character creation feature, and it looks like there will be more features than we think. So this is a follow-up to the last video pertaining to creating your own character/ race etc, and it seems like Dimps is really try to expand the exploration of this particular universe. For starters it looks like you be able to change the size of the character you’re making, whether it be his height or his weight. Maybe tampering with these features will alter the way the custom character plays in Xenoverse. For example if I had a Majin type character that was petite or skinny they would be faster and play sort of like Kid Buu but on the other hand if I were to make them fat or hulky they would lack in speed but make up for it in power. Just like in the Ultimate Tenkaichi game, players will have the option to literally change the race of their created character. Even though it specifically said changing the race of your avatar, it didn’t say that they could be Black in skin color. This came to no surprise but it is nice seeing Xenoverse go all out with this cool feature that will keep everybody involved.

Another thing that’s worth noticing is that this game seems to be featuring a lot of customizable items in their game. From the movesets to the items.

I think these unanswered questions go in line with Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s motif, that being strange and mysterious. Since I don’t wanna come up with any assumptions that could possibly mislead viewers before its initially confirmed, I’ve decided to come up with my own indepth hypothosis that you might could take into consideration. Just like a lot of others have hypothosised, this mystery man could be a created character. You’ve heard about this theory incessantly for the last 3 weeks, and even though I try my hardest to avoid it until we get an official confirmation you guys keep insisting that he is in fact a customisable character. I’ve finally decided to take it into consideration. I mean its hard to negate this argument since the mystery man looks like he shares dressing room with the Z warrior cast.

dragon ball xenoverse character creation
“dragon ball xenoverse character creation”
dragon ball xenoverse black super saiyan
“dragon ball xenoverse black super saiyan”
dragon ball xenoverse scans
“dragon ball xenoverse scans”


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