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Here’s the latest video regarding Dragon Ball Xenoverse, let’s try to get at least 200 LIKES on this video. So its finally been confirmed that Xenoverse will feature the highly anticipated character creation feature. Based off new screenshots that we’ve seen via BandaiNamco’s Tumblr, it’s been official. In addition to keeping a misleading video free zone on my channel, I took it apon myself to mention the possibilities instead of coming to the conclusion that Dragon Ball Xenoverse would in fact feature custom character creations with different races.

Aquí está el video más reciente con respecto a Dragon Ball Xenoverse, vamos a tratar de conseguir por lo menos 200 GUSTOS en este video. Por lo que su fin se confirmó que Xenoverse contará con la función de creación de personajes muy esperado. Basado de nuevas capturas de pantalla que hemos visto a través de Tumblr de BandaiNamco, ha sido oficial. Además de mantener una zona libre de vídeo engañosa en mi canal, lo tomé un check in me mencionar las posibilidades en vez de venir a la conclusión de que Dragon Ball Xenoverse supondría, de hecho creaciones de carácter función personalizada con diferentes razas.

I think these unanswered questions go in line with Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s motif, that being strange and mysterious. Since I don’t wanna come up with any assumptions that could possibly mislead viewers before its initially confirmed, I’ve decided to come up with my own indepth hypothosis that you might could take into consideration. Just like a lot of others have hypothosised, this mystery man could be a created character. You’ve heard about this theory incessantly for the last 3 weeks, and even though I try my hardest to avoid it until we get an official confirmation you guys keep insisting that he is in fact a customisable character. I’ve finally decided to take it into consideration. I mean its hard to negate this argument since the mystery man looks like he shares dressing room with the Z warrior cast.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is still in it’s early development stages meaning that this is an early build and DIMPS still has time for refinement and optimization. Now the 1st thing that I noticed right off the bat at the showcasing of Dragon Ball Xenoverse was that the video game testers didn’t seem to be playing on the next generation consoles. When I zoomed in on the footage I noticed that they were using last generation controllers that being the Playstation 3 controller. I’m not sure if this was a controller of preference or if they were uncomfortable playing on the PS4 or Xbox One controller. All I can say is that this doesn’t take anything away from the overall visual representation of Xenoverse, this is still an early build of the game.

Posted on August 14, 2014 by H.A.G Entertainment

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