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Today I do a discussion about Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and why I’m not that excited about it. What’s up guys? RBG here bringing you a discussion video on something that’s essentially been absent from this channel. And that’s in regards to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot or Dragon Ball Zetto Kakarotto. If you’re a longtime subscriber who’s been around since this channel’s infancy, then you know that I’m a very avid fan of DBZ. Like for the longest time this channel was strictly dedicated to all things Dragon Ball. From extensive coverage on the shows & games, to theory videos. If there was anything regarding that brand I would cover it and build a little hype around it. We even collaborated with some of the best within the community when they were on the rise and ultimately surpassed me to work with the publishers of these games. So yeah, this was essentially the place for all DBZ news. And although I pretty much expanded into other mediums I always made sure to talk about the latest game in the franchise. But enough of the jibber jabber on my history with DBZ, let’s talk about about Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. As you’ve read by the title I haven’t been too hyped about this game. Which is crazy because I made a video a few years back advocating for CyberConnect2 to make a Dragon Ball Z game. And here we are in 2020 and CC2 has developed a game that’s about to release in less than a week. I just knew that they were gonna go balls to the wall with this title. And based on what we’ve seen they’ve injected all of the things you’d expect them to.


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