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This video contains God of War Ascension all cutscenes movie, I have taken the liberty of including gameplay and stitching all cutscenes/ cinematics along with it. God of War Ascension is wrapped around events leading up to the previous installments we’ve played, meaning that its a prequel that leads up to part 1 in some ways. It continues to follow the story if Kratos the mighty Spartan Warrior as he goes out on his journey to find a sense of atonement and redemption after he bloodily murdered his wife and child.

God of Ascension and all it’s cutscenes are own by Santa Monica studios and Sony Computer Entertainment. This video was uploaded to get the viewers to support the video game by buying it for themselves.

Even though the times in God of War Ascension seem more peaceful compared to its predecessors it still doesn’t lose its atmosphere of having a sensational thrill ride, action, and blood bath experience. Kratos is still a killing machine and the past has barely altered his outward appearance in all the cinematic cutscenes that you will see him in. The graphics engine is running from the God of War 3 engine with slighting improved shading and textures. The enemies in the cutscenes look more livelier and are very effective in their own little specialties.

God of War Ascension’s review have been a bag of mixed emotions even though all the cutscenes look visually stunning other parts of the game leave something more to be desired such as the core gameplay which has gone through some improvements but sort of stumbles and falls on its back thanks to some of the gameplay quirks. The biggest complaint would be the parry system and how its controlled.
Published By: Sony Computer Ent.
Developed By: Santa Monica Studio
Platform: Playstation 3
Release Date: March 12, 2013


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