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This is how Mirage really died in the Transformers movies. Its no secret that these characters are just put there for the sake of vehicle promotions. Our boy Mirage or should I say Dino was just put there because Michael Bay wanted that sexy Ferrari bot to steal the show in TF3. And this would turn out to be a marketing headache for the studio. Since Hasbro’s greatest competitor Mattel had an exclusive license for Ferrari toys, Ferrari didn’t want their product placement sporting the name of a Hasbro toy’s trademark. This is why the character is named after the son of the founder of Ferrari. These unecessary hurdles are most likely why Mirage was written off by the time TF4 rolled around and just declared dead. Apparently he would’ve gotten a proper onscreen death in TF3. In a scrapped script Starscream kills Mirage while helping out the humans getting out of the skyscraper. If you’re going to kill off a character at least let die at the hands of the most badass Decepticons.

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Posted on November 10, 2022 by H.A.G Entertainment

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