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This is how Transformers 3 really would’ve ended. So as we all know Dark of the Moon ended with Optimus Prime dropping 2 top tier Cybertronians. His first victim was his former mentor turned enemy, Sentinal Prime. Seeing this, Megatron half-heartedly offers Optimus Prime a truce on the condition that he will remain in charge of the Decepticons, mockingly saying that they would be nothing without each other. Which may have been true and a more peaceful way to go about things. But Robo-Jesus was all out of peace. So it was off with Megatron’s head. Literally. Funny thing is Megatron wasn’t originally gonna be killed by Optimus or at all. He’s sincere when he offers Optimus Prime a truce at the end. kneelinh down and stating that he is tired of fighting. Optimus is initially skeptical, but when Megatron offers to let Optimus kill him as an alternative, Optimus reluctantly accepts. This was featured in the novel but was changed because the studio didn’t want the adaptations to share the same ending with the film.

Posted on November 9, 2022 by H.A.G Entertainment

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