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New Marvel’s Avengers Game. Kamala Khan officially revealed! What’s going on guys? RBG here bringing you more coverage on Marvel’s Avengers. Crystal Dynamics has been rolling out a ton of snippets regarding character stats, movesets, and costumes. And it’s been for the most part pretty good. People are coming around and seeing that the project is in good hands and it’s gonna be adding a lot of stuff. And we got more content at this week’s New York Comic-Con. This is 1 of the reasons why Marvel’s Avengers content has been a bit scarce on my channel for the past month. Because quite honestly I felt like I was repeating myself in regards to naysayers and the game’s overall quality. It seems like no matter what Crystal Dynamics does to rectify certain issues there are still those who say this game looks bad. Whether it be because the characters don’t look like the MCU versions, or the absence of Hawkeye and Spider-Man. People are still gonna find reasons to complain. So I would rather let the developers & Marvel slowly reveal the content themselves. And then you could see how promising the game looks. But anyways let’s talk about the biggest news. That being Kamala Kahn being confirmed as a playable & central character in this game. This reveal has undoubtedly gotten those who were a bit apprehensive, completely onboard. Because Kamala Khan is 1 of those newer characters that’s been embraced after taking up the mantle of a well established Marvel hero. She’s gonna play a pivotal role in the game, as the catalyst that brings about the reassembly of the Avengers five years after the disastrous events of the A-Day celebration that caused the team to break up.

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