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Marvel’s Avengers Game Leak. What’s going on guys? RBG here bringing you somewhat of an update on Marvel’s Avengers. With the recent announcement that the game will be showcased during this month’s Summer Game Fest. Fans are eagerly anticipating on getting a demo with some form of an update. There’s been a steady influx on news regarding this title, with the majority of them coming from leaks. And it looks like we may have more alleged leaks regarding the game’s villains and ending. But as I was saying guys there seems to be more potential leaks on the horizen regarding Marvel’s Avengers. The last leaks we got came in the form of LEGO figures showcasing characters such as Hawkeye, Black Panther, War Machine, and Captain Marvel. Along with that we also got an official comfirmation from 1 of the developers regarding the skill trees and perks for the Avengers members. There seems to be no end to these quote on quote leaks and just a couple days ago we found some more. Now I just wanna say that these leaks come from a 4chan post and could potentially be false. But there’s a strong possibility that they could be true and contain heavy spoilers. So if you don’t wanna risk gettinhg spoiled I highly suggest clicking off of this video. But anyway yeah, there seems to have been a leak this week and a particularly important one at that. Ultimately, it won’t be until Marvel avengers finally launches on September 4 that we will know for sure. But specific descriptions of everything from the plot details to the main characters, cameos, and even the end of the game appeared on 4chan over the weekend in a thread that was quickly removed later. And, as always, it goes without saying that nothing I read beyond this point is official in any way. But the fact that it was removed from the site does give me a strong incentive to believe that there could be some legitimacy to the leaks. According to the leaks, posted to 4chan’s Comics & Cartoons board on May 10th, the game will follow Kamala Khan as she seeks “to reunite the Avengers one by one,” with Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) and the alien Kree serving as the story’s main antagonists.

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