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Marvel’s Avengers Game. So as I was saying guys Marvel’s Avengers lead combat developer has pretty adamant about explaining how the gameplay mechanics and gear system will work in the upcoming game. Crystal Dynamics has gone on record about how 1 of their main goals is to have all the heroes play and feel how you’d expect them to. Going above and beyond to make each Avengers member feel authentic. And based on what I’m seeing I’m loving it. I love how the developers have been putting all these details into some of the moves. And I like how you’ll be granted the ability to craft your own skill trees and utilize during co-op missions. All of it sounds great on paper but we have yet to see these promises be showcased. Exactly how is the story co-op gonna play compared to that of the Warzone missions? And how is traversal gonna work for each Avengers members. These are things that really need to be answered because they’re gonna determine if fans should pick up the game or not. In the most recent updates, Vincent Napoli has taken to reddit to answer some of these questions. And 1 of the most major things he slightly harped on was Captain America’s traversal and combat mechanics. I’m most certain that he isn’t at liberty to answer every question, especially since it makes his team look bad given the fact that they’ve been doing an abysmal job at explaining things. But he talked about how The Hulk clings to walls as opposed to running on them in the more traditional sense like Captain America can. And I think we were all fairly surprised after reading that last part regarding Cap. It’s something that really excites us because as we all know Captain America is 1 of the most versatile members in the group. Although he’s extremely powerful he can pull off some of the most graceful meneuvers such as flips and kicks. And he’s also proficiant at parkour which I had a nagging suspicion that Vincent was hinting at.

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