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Marvel’s Avengers Game gameplay. What’s going on guys? RBG here, bringing you more news on Marvel’s Avengers. And it’s officially been a few days since the original release date for this game hit. That’s right, Marvel’s Avengers was originally slated to be released on May the 15th of this year but due to reasons unknown it was pushed back to September 4th. Which is kinda ironic considering the fact that another triple A Marvel game in the form of Spider-Man was also released in the month of September 2 years ago. We started off pretty slow in regards to updates on this title but thing are gradually getting better as we get closer to the new release date that’s about 4 months away. Even though the Square and Crystal Dynamics have been very specific on when and where they choose to reveal new details about Marvel’s Avengers. It hasn’t stopped 1 of their developers from going beyond the call of duty to answer some of our questions. And he seems to be answering more of our questions so we’re gonna break it down. And how is traversal gonna work for each Avengers members. These are things that really need to be answered because they’re gonna determine if fans should pick up the gameplay or not. In the most recent updates, Vincent Napoli has taken to reddit to answer some of these questions. And 1 of the most major things he slightly harped on was Captain America’s traversal and combat mechanics. I’m most certain that he isn’t at liberty to answer every question, especially since it makes his team look bad given the fact that they’ve been doing an abysmal job at explaining things. But he talked about how The Hulk clings to walls as opposed to running on them in the more traditional sense like Captain America can. And I think we were all fairly surprised after reading that last part regarding Cap. It’s something that really excites us because as we all know Captain America is 1 of the most versatile members in the group. Although he’s extremely powerful he can pull off some of the most graceful maneuvers such as flips and kicks. And he’s also proficient at parkour which I had a nagging suspicion that Vincent was hinting at.

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