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Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man. What’s going on guys? RBG here, back with another update on Marvel’s Avengers. As you’ve noticed in the past few days we’ve been getting a ton of new information regarding this game. A couple days ago Crystal Dynamics released a brand new trailer showcasing snippets of things to come. And I was able to uncover some of the newer things we saw briefly such as the Hulks alternate costume which is a reference to his Planet Hulk comic book. And there was also more gameplay showcasing Iron Man’s precision lasers. Which all looks amazing. We can look forward to an even bigger roll out of information on June 24th. While we wait patiently for that info I wanna talk about some of the things that were recently revealed but probably went under everyone’s radar. If you wanna invest in repulsors for Iron Man you can do that by upgrading its skill tree. Or you can focus other weapons such as his precision lasers which is looking like something I’m gonna use a lot. And this is something that’s gonna make the online co-op so much fun, seeing what others do with their customized Marvel’s Avengers characters. Now something that Scot Amos mentions that I know you all will get a kick out of is how the gear will be made by different manufacturers. Meaning that it won’t just be Tony Stark designing all the weapons to make his fellow Avengers members look cool. You’ll also have gear made by others such as Hank Pym. For example you can equip Pym particles to Iron Man’s precision lasers and once you do enough damage to an enemy you can shrink them down to deal out more damage.

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