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Ok. I’m just gonna say it now. Megatron needs his own solo film. Similar to his IDW comic book series titled Megatron Origins they can use his movie to show exactly why the Cybertron war began. In the wake of planet’s invetible demise the Cybertronians dealt with something called Functionism. A system that determined their citizen’s profession based on their functionality ie their alt mode. So if you just so happened to be a bulldozer or are very handy with tools chances are you would made to perform construction work. And Megatron fell perfectly in line with that. Unfortunately this law lead to simmering unrest, growing tension, and the eventual ascent of groups who seek to tear down the system at any cost. And as destiny would have it Megatron would be leading the charge under a new movement, a new banner, the Decepticons. Exposing how corrupt the Cybertron government was and how it pushed overworked bots to rebel would be the perfect starting point and give the Decepticon High Lord more relatability.

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Posted on September 8, 2022 by H.A.G Entertainment

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