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New Avengers Project Game development details?! Spider-Man PS4 the beginning to something bigger!?! Avengers youtube, gameplay 2018 ps4, youtube avengers game news, crystal dynamics.

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What’s up comic book enthusiasts? This is your boy RBG hitting you guys up with some pretty awesome news. a lot of you who’re familiar with my content have noticed that I’ve been very proactive with all the Spider-Man PS4 news coverage. So you can probably tell I’ve been pretty excited about that particular title, like 2018 has been lit in terms of gaming and for Marvel in general. Because not only do we have Spider-Man PS4 hitting shelves in September but we also have Avengers Infinity War which has been dominating the box office. But anyways I think it’s clear that the Marvel brand has been making power moves since their announcement of Spider-Man. And the recent announcement that Marvel Studios will soon be reaquiring the rights to popular franchises like X-Man & Fantastic Four only adds to the hype. In January of last year, Square Enix announced it had signed a multi-title contract to produce games based on Marvel Comics properties. As part of the announcement, the studio teased the first of these, which is called The Avengers Project, with a few production details and a short teaser. Now this was a brief announcement that was presented via a teaser trailer that in my opinion wasn’t much to write home about. Aside from basic imagery of the Avengers symbols surrounded by destruction and a vague voiceover, which seemed to hint that a tragedy has befallen the heroes. The trailer ends with the hashtag #Reassemble, which, again, indicates that the story has something to do with saving or salvaging the Avengers. Marvel’s initial description of The Avengers Project promises a completely original story, but the details of that story are scarce. Now this approach is very similar to what Marvel has done with their new Spider-Man game. Based on some of the interviews we got from Gameinformer, Insomniac mentioned that Marvel Games approached Sony Interactive Entertainment wanting them to publish a Marvel related title. It would would be the first licensed game developed by Insomniac after 22 years of developing their own intellectual properties. After they stressed their interest, Insomniac was asked what hero property they’d like to work on, to which they chose Spider-Man and the rest was history.

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