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Marvel’s Avengers game has officially been announced. And some expect that it may exist in the same universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4. And 4 player co-op leaks. Some people move on but not us. What’s up guys? My name is RBG and I’m bringing you another Avengers Project video. Or should I say Marvel’s Avengers video? That’s right guys for months we’ve been covering this very obscure project. Questioning if it would ever come to fruition or if it was even an actual thing anymore. And some gave up hope but not us. We kept up the good fight and now we’re the 1s reaping the benefits. Because less than 48 hours ago Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix confirmed that we’ll be getting a worldwide reveal of Marvel’s Avengers at E3. And surprisingly enough, this news shook the internet to it’s core. Like the reaction to this announcement was overwhelming. I got so many personal messages asking me have I heard about this and when I was gonna talk about it. So we’re gonna do that today. There’s a lot of things this title is aluding to that we’ve been speculating on. And there’s more info on what we’ll be seeing at Square’s Live E3 conference. So as I mentioned earlier Square Enix has revealed the official title for their upcoming Marvel game, while announcing that the video game will make its worldwide reveal during E3 2019. The news came from a new Twitter account for the game and was confirmed by E3 Coliseum’s Geoff Keighley. And before all this news broke fans were speculating this. Because a few days ago Square tweeted out a very cryptic looking post showing some rather peculiar colors. If you notice the colors in the picture frame on the left and right bare a strong resemblance to the colors used for the Infinity Stones. This picture was also featured as their header photo so fans were in full on speculation mode.

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