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Avengers Project Leaked Roster & Skill Tree? Square Enix will most like delay it till 2021. What’s up, guys? RBG here bringing you more news on the aforementioned Avengers Project. And I’m just as surprised as you that this is the 2nd update I’ve brought you guys in less than a week. Because information is usually scarce and we usually have to take any info we do get with a very small grain of salt. In my previous update I mentioned what the gameplay would entail based on the new job listings Crystal Dynamics had open. Things like the combat, and it being a 3rd person action game that will be utilizing some of the common elements found in modern gaming. That generally gave us an idea of what we were in store for. But the thing that really crushed a lot of fan’s enthusiasm was the news that Crystal was looking for a narrative director for the Avengers Project. That was a fricken bombshell man. I assumed that they’ve been cooking this game up for at least 3 or 4 years. I had reason to believe that they couldn’t be hiring a darn director this late in the game. Like what the heck have they been doing?! They couldn’t have released that announce trailer with no idea what the story and gameplay would be like ahead of time. Well it’s looking like that may have been the case. So this month has been pretty crazy for Square Enix. Last week they released a new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. And as you can see the devs have went into a complete overhaul with the game’s cosmetics and gameplay mechanics. Everything looks different compared to the 1st trailer/build we got 3 years ago, specifically Clouds design. Like we had heard that Square was taking their time to make FF7 Remake feel like the original.

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