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Marvel’s Avengers Game open world details and explaining the games as a service rumor. What’s up guys? RBG back with another Marvel’s Avengers video. And this is gonna be another 1 of those potential leak discussions. There seems to be a ton of things getting out regarding this game in the wake of it’s announcement for E3. Everything from it’s roster, to the type of style Crystal Dynamics is going for, and many other things. And admittedly I didn’t wanna harp on these leaks let alone give them the time of day. But based on some of the official info we’ve been getting it seems like these rumors are turning out to be true. A couple days ago we got the official plans for Marvel’s Avengers E3 panel. And everything that was mentioned in those plans matched perfectly with the things mentioned in the throwaway reddit leak. So this gives me the incentive to keep going. Because it just seems like everything is coming to fruition. So we’re gonna talk about that and the rumors that Marvel’s Avengers could potentially be a games as a service. So as I mentioned earlier we had gotten a confirmation that Marvel’s Avengers will be this action adventure game with single player and co-operative gameplay up to 4 players. And that it’d feature customization. I wanna say most of but not all of these things were revealed in the reddit leaks prior to this . And it makes sense that everything wasn’t gonna match up because Square doesn’t wanna flat out tell the audience everything they have in store for them. That’s 1 of the biggest draws of E3, actually surprising the audience with things your game is gonna bring to the table.

Posted on June 5, 2019 by H.A.G Entertainment

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