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New Netflix Berserk Berserk series. Netflix continues to give more clues after Dark Horse comics Adaptation Announcement. What’s going on guys? My name is RBG and if you’re familiar with some of the content I produce, you know I’m a huge Berserk fan. For the past few months we’ve been reporting on rumors swirling around the internet that Netflix might be coming out with a new Berserk anime. From some of the interviews Adi Shankar gave to companies like Forbes. To twitter polls that seemed to be alluding that Netflix was very interested in adapting a new Berserk series in the near future. This buzz really got the community talking. It really has a lot of fans invested especially considering the fact that same producer behind the Castlevania series is adamant about bringing Berserk back to a more classical style in animation. Like I don’t know why the anime gods have shunned this series so many times. It’s bad enough we have to worry about when the manga will go on hiatus. But it’s even worse when we can barely even make it past the Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc without getting p*ss poor animation. So while there was talk of the Netflix Berserk anime being an actual thing. The future still looked dire because we know that the anime industry can be very tricky when it comes to adaptations. But it looks like there is more information that indicates that we’ll be getting a new Berserk series from Netflix sooner than we think.

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Posted on May 11, 2019 by H.A.G Entertainment

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