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New Dragon Ball Heroes Anime announced!? Future Trunks returns in the new Prison Planet Arc. We have a release date. Super Dragon Ball Heroes episodes, new dragon ball anime 2018, cutscenes, manga. What’s up DBZ Enthusiasts? RBG here, hitting you guys up with some pretty awesome news regarding Dragon Ball Heroes. And that is the recent announcement that we have an anime covering the Prison Planet and Universal Survival Arcs from the game & manga. This news is kinda ironic considering the fact that I’ve been covering the recent chapters of the Super DB Heroes manga on my channel. Like I was 1 of the only few actually doing this in the DB community. But now that this new anime has been announced almost everyone and they momma gonna be covering this stuff. Which I can’t be mad at because DBH might seem like nothing more than your typical fan service. But when you look more into there’s a lot of expanded lore that you won’t necessarily find in the main DBZ media. I believe for the most part the community tends to look at DB Heroe related scans for official names of transformations like Ultra Instinct Omen Goku or Beyond Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta. So there are definitlely some things that work in tandem with the main products since the games work in conjunction with Dragon Ball Super and some of the other games that come out. But anyways this news came out a couple days ago so I’m sorry I’m late on this but it came courtesy of twitter user YonkouProductions and reads as so. DBH’s Universe Survival and Prison Planet arcs that will be made into an RP Anime. The first episode’s pre-screening will take place on July 1 at Ion Lake Town. And although it’s a RP Anime they’ll mash a few episodes together in order to extend its length. So yeah it’s essentially an anime that’s gonna promote the game which is a big deal in Japan.

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