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If we could get 300 LIKES that would be awesome. So here’s the latest news and intel on the 19th entry in the Dragon Ball Z movie line-up. Akira Toriyama has come out of the wood works and made an announcement that there will be a new Dragon Ball Z movie in the spring of 2015. This comes as a surprise since we just got a high budget film such as Battle of Gods, which was released a year in a half ago. And with the inclusion of Dragon Ball Xenoverse coming out in 2015 the is a ceremonious moment for DBZ fans out there. Now Akira Toriyama has stated that he will follow the same procedure as Battle of Gods and continue where the final arc in the DBZ manga being the Buu Saga ended. But the biggest question that people want know the answer to is will this new 2015 movie being a follow up to Battle of Gods or be a non canon spin off.

Although he didn’t plan on it he decided to draw up new character concepts and designs for returning characters. The movie will feature more action than its previous predecessors and the comedy will be given more balance. This is a good thing because in the last Dragon Ball Z movie it seemed like comedy had overtaken the action, it felt more like a celebration than a actual Dragon Ball Z film. Bills or Beerus didn’t feel like a traditional villain in the movie, he felt me like a neutral enemy than a bad 1. Toriyama has mentioned that in the new DBZ that he will make sure that each character’s dialogue receives proper treatment and he has been very fussy over that particular aspect.

Así que aquí está de las novedades y intel en la entrada 19 en el Dragon Ball Z película line-up. Akira Toriyama ha salido de los trabajos en madera e hizo el anuncio de que habrá una nueva película de Dragon Ball Z en la primavera de 2015. Esto viene como una sorpresa ya que nos acabamos de una película de alto presupuesto como Batalla de los Dioses, que era publicado un año en medio atrás. Y con la inclusión de Dragon Ball Xenoverse que sale en 2015, el es un momento ceremonioso para los fans de DBZ que hay. Ahora Akira Toriyama ha declarado que seguirá el mismo procedimiento que en la batalla de los dioses y continuar donde el arco final en el manga DBZ siendo el Buu Saga terminó. Pero la pregunta más importante que la gente quiere saber la respuesta a es será esta nueva película 2015 es una continuación de la batalla de los dioses o ser un no canon spin off.


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