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New X-Men Movie Teaser explaining how they will most likely fit into Marvel Phase 5 and who I’d pick to direct. What’s up guys? RBG here, hitting you up with another MCU related video. I wanna say thanks to all of those who gave my first video a chance. We currently have over a 100k views and over 2000 likes. So I think the positive reception indicates that you guys are really interested in what I have to say in regards to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 1 of my main goals is to give you a clear understanding of how things work and what you should expect with these movies. What I don’t wanna do is totally mislead you like other channels are doing because there are a lot of content creators out there who tell you what you wanna hear for clicks. Like there are obviously things you wanna see in the new phases of the Marvel movies. And when you hear about them potentially happening you tend to click on the video. 1 of the main things being the inclusion of the X-Men. This has undoubtedly been something that everyone has been salivating over especially since any video that dares mentions them in the same sentence with the MCU goes viral. And you also have things that get taken totally outta context because of the high demand of the X-Men’s inclusion in the real Marvel movies. For example about a month ago the official Marvel Entertainment Twitter account caused a bit of a hype storm when they posted a very cryptic tweet. And rightfully so fans as well as youtube content creators started speculating that this tweet could be hinting at Kevin Feige’s plans for the X-Men in phase 4. Like that thing got a whopping 22k favorites.

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