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Did you know Optimus Prime is pretty much in invincible in the Transformers movies? Well at least in the Bay cannon. His invincibility in the newer movies is yet to be determined. But in the Bayverse he’s unkillable. I know a lot of you’re are probably gonna say “well if he’s invincible then explain how he died in TF2”. And I can easily ask you to explain how he was able to come back to life? We all know the answer to both of these questions. The Matrix of Leadership. The ultimate weapon of the Autobots and the conduit of the Creator God, Primus himself. As you all know Optimus Prime has the matrix of leadership inside his chest. As long as it stays there, Optimus Prime has invincibility. This is why he’s been able to survive so many fatal shots. Such as the time he survived getting shot through the chest. And He was able to survive a sword through the chest from Lockdown in the fourth movie. This is why the red and blue robo Jesus never stays down.

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Posted on October 17, 2022 by H.A.G Entertainment

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