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Spider-Man PS4 free roam gameplay & alternate costumes showcased along with a new release date revealed?!? Spiderman youtube, gameplay 2018 ps4, spider man ps4 costumes, youtube spider-man ps4, free roam youtube.


It’s been nearly 2 years since I provided an analysis video covering this game and that’s because there wasn’t really much info to talk about. I mean we got certain articles and behind the scenes footage with some of the developers but I felt like there wasn’t much to garner making a video. And this is a game that Sony has been promoting heavily since it’s unveiling. Like it’s gotten 2 consecutive showcasings at E3. But finally after months & months of waiting for more details on gameplay and an actual release date, Insomniac has decided to lift the curtain. Now most of the news we got is coming courtesy of Game Informer. Over the past few days they’ve been giving us a plethora of details regarding their hands-on experiences of the game. And the best part about it all is it’s basically gonna be the selling point of their current magazine since Spidey will be gracing the cover for their May issue. Before we delve into the juicy stuff I wanna just throw in my two cents in terms of things I’ve seen in the earlier revealings compared to things I’m seeing now. 1st off the graphical fidelity seems to be about 20 percent different from the 1st reveal trailer we got back in June 2016. Some of the most noticable differences being the the lighting and textures on Spider-Man’s suit. Back when Insomniac were answering questions about if it was actual gameplay they replied that it was in fact ingame. And I can believe them on that statement because we essentially see the web slinger performing similar feats in the more recent trailers, that he did in his reveal trailer. But the thing that’s a little bit off is the texture on his costume. Like is it me or does it look a lot smoother and shinier than the original unveiling? And it looks like the spider symbol on the back has either been changed or somewhat dwarfed for whatever reason. If you go back and look you’ll notice that the symbol was wider and the upper legs were extended over Spidey’s shoulders. And instead of the detailed pattern being incisioned horizontally like it is now, the original featured hexigonal patterns that looked similar to the Rami Spider-Man suit. All of those minute details just seem to be tweeked.

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