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Spider-Man PS4 Leaked Kingpin Boss Battle Footage Breakdown. Venom not in the game?! free roam, gameplay, 2018, trailer, youtube, collector’s edition.


What’s up guys? This is RBG hitting you up with another Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 update. It’s been over 2 months since my last update video. And you guys have been asking to hear my thoughts on the slew of footage we got at this year’s E3. So I’m just gonna elaborate on some of the things I noticed but before we talk about any of that we gotta address the big elephant in the room. In less than 24 hours ago someone probably did something that they didn’t intend on doing. During a open showcasing at a VK Fest in St. Petersburg they gave players access to Spider-Man PS4’s demo. But essentially what fans got wasn’t a demo but most likely the final product or a work in progress. Now this wouldn’t be the 1st time someone at Sony or Insomniac threw the baby out with the bath water. A couple months ago they accidentally released the trailer for the Iron Spider suit a week before it’s scheduled unveiling. The video was taken down and re-uploads from various channels suffered the same fate. But that didn’t necessarily take aways from the hype of the announcement as fans began giving theories on how the suit would function. And a official modified version of the ailer was released which gave possible hints that the homemade suit would make into the game. So yeah, Marvel’s Spider-Man has somewhat of a muddy track record when it comes to leaks. Apparently whoever the lucky individual playing was got to experience the opening act, boss battles, and a jist of what the game mechanics will entail. I was able to nab a few snippets of the gameplay before it was ultimately removed. But in fears that my video will be striked down I won’t be able to show you guys what I’ve saw. So you’ll have to settle with a vocal breakdown and picture it in your mind. But anyways we get a closer look at the “classic” Spider-Man uniform in action. We had already gotten a brief look through some of the extensive footage provided by game informer.

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