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Spider Man PS4 Opening cutscene & web slinging along with suit crafting details. Spider-Man ps4 controls, tutorial, ps4 costumes, insomniac, news, & more! Since Game Informer has been covering this title, there’s been a huge snowball effect in regards to information. A couple days ago I gave a brief analysis about Spider-Man’s suit and how Insomniac gave slight tweeks to the textures or whatnot. But it wasn’t something I wanted to harp on too much because we usually see certain aesthetics change a little after a game’s 1st reveal. So I didn’t think too much of it but apparently this suit may mean more than we think and could prove to be a very important aspect to the game. And I think this is gonna add a lot to the overall experience because basically every suit will play in their own type of style. Like in my previous analogy video I failed to mention how suit crafting will be a key feature. Apparently each individual costume worn by Spider-Man will have to be made in order to be fully utilized. Now this is something that wow’d the hell out of me because Spidey games really don’t get that level of detail. We usually have to find some way to unlock things like this or completely finish a game. But during a Gameinformer video podcast held by Leo Vader, Kyle Hilliard, and Andrew Reiner, they gave their overall impressions on the game and went into further details about the suit. Before elaborating on the suit they talk about the game’s opening act. During this moment you’ll find yourself going through a tutorial as you watch Peter go through his daily routine which ultimately transitions to him changing to Spider-Man. 1 thing that intrigued me was how they mentioned that the way certain actions are integrated puts you in the mind of popular games like Uncharted 3. I can only imagine how immersive this act is and how the player will feel like they’re watching a movie instead of a video game cutscene. Something that Spidey fans will appreciate about this opening is how Peter’s messy apartment is litered with dozens of Easter Eggs. You’ll hear an unspecified rock music kick in as you get an idea of what kind of tone Insomniac is going for with their version of the character. As Peter gets dressed you’ll notice he puts on these particular wrist bands that look like nothing more than your standard arm wear or stylish accessory. But these just so happen to be a part of his web shooters.

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