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Spider-Man PS5 AKA Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales! Wassup guys? RBG here bringing you more alleged leaks on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. And I say alleged because it seems like these things have been coming out very frequently. It almost makes me question if all these rumors we’ve heard regarding the story and mechanics are even true or just made up. Like the chances of these quote on quote leaks being legit are extremely slim. Especially considering the fact that the game’s development is so early in it’s infancy. I highly doubt that a studio such as Insomniac would be reckless enough to let this info leak to the general public. But you guys want me to cover it so here we go. If this info is true then it means that the gameplay is gonna be insane. Like there’s gonna be a ton of moves in Spider-Man’s arsonel. I’m hoping that we can stitch together different variations of combos between the normal suit and the Symbiote suit on the fly like in Web of Shadows. Just reading that all the suits will have their own Symbiote version gives me an idea that the designs are gonna be bad ass. And all of them will have alternate moves because of it. Now what I funny about this is the fact that the Black Suit was originally intended to be in the 1st game. But they ended up turning it into the Black and Yellow 1 we got at the end of the game. They were also gonna include their version of the Miles Morales suit which looks like the Advanced suit just painted over. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they ultimately use it for the sequel. Speaking of Miles the reddit user mentions that he’ll be using the new Web-Chain mechanics, to zip between rooftops and ledges. He’ll also have equippable suits. But anyways that’s the major stuff I wanted to cover if it’s even legit. What’s funny is that as I’m recording this video the reddit user has deleted his post. I’m not sure why they’d do that if the rumors aren’t true. Even if they were or not it doesn’t make a bit of sense because it’s a throwaway account. I got a nagging suspicion that if it was legit someone over at Insomniac wasn’t too pleased that a huge chunk of the info got out.

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