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This video contains The Amazing Spider-Man video game all cutscenes/ Movie, I have taken the liberty of including gameplay and stitching all the cutscenes/ cinematics along with it. The Amazing Spider-Man takes place after the live-action movie and is intended to show the aftermath of what happened after the Lizard AKA Kurt Connors ran rampant and almost mutated all of New York. Following those events we also get to see how Spider-Man AKA Peter Parker’s girlfriend Gwen Stacey is faring after loosing her father.

The Amazing Spider-Man’s cutscenes are visually stunning especially when you play the video game on the PC version, the web swinging is so unique and the graphics on the buildings have never looked better. But visuals and decent looking surroundings will only get the game so far. Even though all the cutscenes of The Amazing Spider-Man look good it really boils down to the gameplay. And that takes a back seat this time around, with lackluster missions and not many innovative ways to make Spidey defeat his foes this game kind of falls short of what your definitive end all be all Spider-Man game should be like.

The Amazing Spider-Man and all its cutscenes are owned by Beenox and Activision. This video was uploaded to get the viewers to support the series by buying the game for themselves.

Posted on May 24, 2013 by H.A.G Entertainment

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