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They’re Trying To Erase Jazz From Transformers Movies. So its time to talk about how Paramount and Hasbro are trying to avoid putting Jazz in anymore live action Transformers movies. Why Jazz hasn’t been put in the Transformers Movies? Look, I understand the laws of death. Like when you’re dead, that’s a wrap. But that law doesn’t necessarily apply to Cybertronians. Just look at Megatron. He refused to die. So why couldn’t our boy Jazz get revived by a cube sliver or human tech? And why hasn’t he made his appearance in the newer films? Paramount literally took my boy’s vehicle mode and gave it to Mirage. So what gives? The only thing I can think of is today’s climate. Many of you remember how much backlash Paramount got from characters such as Skids & Mudflap. People considered them too stereotypical. And considering the fact that those two were the leading factor to the films low box office performance. Paramount probably doesn’t want that heat from people who think Jazz will be similar.

A character whom similar to Optimus Prime, mandatorily needs to be presented in his own unique way. What I mean by this is that in most instances a Transformers will receive a major facelift in regards to their personality and overall design. But a robot like Jazz simply cannot be tampered with too much or he’ll lose a lot of what makes him standout. It’s like if the designers decided to make Optimus all Blue and you took away his iconic mouth guard, it simply would not work. Along with Optimus Prime, Jazz is the Autobot who retains most of his original Generation 1 design in the Bay film, among his iconic features, his trademark “visor”, which is retractable in the movie, as well as front-chassis chest and wheel wells in his feet. Also, his transformation to vehicle mode, although in the film his alternate mode is not a Porsche 935, a similar looking model was chosen, as Jazz’s alternate mode in the film is a silver/gray customized hardtop Pontiac GXP, similar to the weekend racer concept car.

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Posted on July 11, 2023 by H.A.G Entertainment

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