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Transformers movie 2018 to be CG Animated and exist in the Bayformers Universe? What’s up guys my name is RBG and I think it’s been well over a month since I’ve talked about any Transformerse Movieverse news, that’s if you wanna include the recent origin video I did on Starscream. If you’re interested in that video I highly recommend you check it out. But anyways since the dust has somewhat settled with TF5 The Last Knight I figured this would be the perfect time to come up with some newer topics regarding this newly expanded Transformers Cinematic Universe that Hasbro and Paramount seem to be ushering in. I guess you could call it the TCU. Now we got this announcement back in June of 2015, back when Paramount was riding high off the success of Age of Extinction and we thought that the series could only go up from there, at least from a business standpoint. But fastforward to the aftermath of The Last Knight and it’s box office ticket sales the plans have somewhat been changed especially from a budgeting standpoint. With TF5’s budget being roughly over 200 million I’m pretty sure Paramount had their fingers crossed that the film would at least hit that 900 million threshold. But since it barely scratched 500 mill I myself knew that it was time to get some new blood to revitalize the series and kinda take a step back. Based on some of the news I’ve been receiving the Bumblebee movie now titled “Transformers Universe: Bumblebee” is only gonna have a budget of 70 million dollars.

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