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Transformers Movie History featuring Sideswipe. With his fierce optics focused and Cybertanium blades shining like a blur he leaped into battle slashing ever so closely to vengeance. He was always ready for a challenge. But there are still so many questions regarding his character. How did he get here? And is he still alive? His name was Sideswipe and this is his origin. What’s up you guys? My name is RBG and welcome to my new video segment, Transformers Movie Universe History. In a previous episode did a video covering the origins of the menacing Decepticon overlord, Megatron. That video got a huge reception amassing over 500 thousand hits and 5 thousand likes and to that I have to say I’m internally grateful for all of you guy’s support. As mention in all my videos that I myself am well aware of the hate the Bay films receive and have to agree that most of it is warranted. But I wanna take you guys on a journey and show you some of the positives this universe has to offer because if we’re gonna be honest there are certain characters in the films that don’t get their just due. Just a heads up if you haven’t seen the movies or read the comic book material used in this video, it will come off a bit spoilerish. So be advised. In today’s episode we’ll be uncovering the history of the sword wielding speed skater Sideswipe. A pretty cool character who’s built quite the cult following in the Bayformers universe, dunno if I can say that about his other incarnations since I wasn’t really a fan either way. Like a lot of the secondary Autobots who were literally introduced with no acutal backstory he came off a little 1 dimentional compared to our original robot cast we got in the 1st film. This is evident by the lack of dialogue presented in TF2 and 3. Like you sense that Bay was trying to give the viewers an idea of what each new character’s personality is like by projecting it through their dialogue.

Sources: IDW Publishings, Transformers: Tales of the Fallen, http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Sideswipe_(Movie)
Deviant Art Users: Beriuo, Raikoh-illust, kitkeat, GoddessMechanic

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