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Cited Info: https://tfwiki.net/wiki/The_Fallen

Transformers Movie History featuring The Fallen. Origin, story, megatronus, revenge of the fallen, comics, past, youtube. His frightening form is a metal cage for primal, burning forces of chaos, giving him the appearance of a living furnace. He is immensely powerful. Commanding mystic, entropic arts, and when at full strength he can un-make creation at his focused will. He is rarely defeated; at best he is contained, where he waits with eternal patience for the chance to unleash his dark powers once again. His name is the Fallen. This is his origin story. What’s up you guys? My name is RBG and welcome to my video segment, Transformers Movie Universe History. In a previous episode I did a video covering the origins of the legendary warrior thought to have been lost long ago, Sentinel Prime. That video garnered generally positive praises and is still growing in views so if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you check it out. As mentioned in all my videos that I myself am well aware of the hate the Bay films receive and have to agree that most of it is warranted. But I wanna take you guys on a journey and show you some of the positives this universe has to offer because if we’re gonna be honest there are certain characters in the films that don’t get their just due. Just a heads up if you haven’t seen the movies or read the comic book material used in this video, it will come off a bit spoilerish. So be advised. In today’s episode we’ll be covering the origins of the 1st Decepticon, The Fallen. He’s 1 of my favorite transformers throughout the entire Bayformers canon and arguably 1 of the most powerful. The Fallen is probably the most biblical character in the TF mythos because he’s directly tied to the overall origin of transformers in general.

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