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Transformers 3rd person shooter game and new Netflix series coming in 2020?! What’s up guys? RBG here hitting you up with some news pertaining to Transformers. And this is some major news because it pertains to two big topics. 1 being the newly announced Netflix Transformers series that’s set to air next year. And the other being a brand new game that’s currently in development. Before we get into the the gist of these topics I wanna do something nice. Because I haven’t been giving you guys any Transformers content as of late I wanna do a giveaway for the Bumblebee DVD & bluray that’ll be out in April. There’s also the digital copy that will be out in March. All you gotta do is leave a comment and be a subscriber to the channel. By the middle of March I’ll announce the winner and you’ll receive a $50 amazon gift card to either get the movie early via digital download or wait till the actual bluray comes out. But getting back to the matters at hand it’s been a good year for the Transformers brand. So far Bumblebee has not only been confirmed for a sequel but it’s also been announced by Hasbro to be the start of a new rebooted ‘Transformers’ universe. Which is awesome news because the brand has been hurting for a while with all the bad Bay films. And with the recent relinquishing of the video game I.P. by Activision we haven’t really gotten any TF games that have replicated the success of the Cybertron games. Transformers kind of became lost in the shuffle so to speak and sorta needed this birth by fire. Thankfully the new Bumblebee film seems to be getting the brand on the right track and has become a personal love letter to die hard fans who’ve been with the franchise from the beginning. Like we’ve been seeing a lot people pay close attention to the Generation 1 incarnation. And even the movie tie-in comics that were pretty much shelved because Michael Bay didn’t want his movies being spoiled are now back. And man those things don’t get enough credit for actually sowing narrative threads and fixing characters that he screwed up.

Fall of Cybertron footage: https://www.youtube.com/user/200PoundsOfBeauty

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