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Transformers The Last Knight International Trailer Breakdown. What’s up you guys? My name is RBG and welcome back to another Transformers: The Last Knight update/trailer analysis. This is a video segment where I breakdown all of the recent trailers and news regarding TF5 while giving minor speculations on things that haven’t yet been confirmed. I mentioned in my previous video that I wouldn’t be covering any of the new tv spots or trailers until they’ve officially been released from the sources in glorious 1080p HD. After waiting patiently we finally got what we asked for. With that said I’m gonna switch it up on you guys. I usually choose 2 trailers and break them down in a lengthy 20 minute video but this time I’m only gonna be doing 1. Because I’m pretty sure there’s plenty more to come with these trailers. As a matter of fact Paramount has announced that they’re gonna be releasing another Transformers The Last Knight trailer tomorrow on June the 8th, so by the time this video is uploaded that trailer will most likely be out. Talk about system overload. But anyways for todays video I’ll be analyzing the Japanese trailer that was uploaded a little over 48 hours ago. That trailer has been getting a lot of buzz around the internet, and in my honest opinion it’s the best in regards to action and comedy. Everything seems to just feel right. Like it doesn’t really feel like your typical Michael Bay film that’s cram packed with college frat humor and a watered down story. Now I’ve been reading some of your comments on that video and noticed some of your concerns. And that is in regards to spoilers. A vast majority have been saying that they wished they hadn’t clicked on that video because they believe they’ve been spoiled with all the new scenes.

I can see where you’re coming from but I can reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about. For the most part we’ve been getting a ton of scenes that have already been shown in most of the previous trailers. Another thing I’ve noticed is that team in charge of editing these trailers have mostly been using footage from the 25 minute IMAX screening we got a few months ago. So we’re not really getting much. For instance that funny scene where we see Crosshairs trying to outmuscle Cogman only to get flipped over by his finger was actually already featured in the IMAX screening. The last time I saw that footage the CG wasn’t really polished in regards to the transformers and it’s kind of been a while since I’ve seen it. So now that I’m seeing it with the finishing visual touches and extended dialogue I was still fairly caught off guard to how funny that scene was. As I mentioned earlier this film is gonna have a pretty decent balance of comedy. Like Crosshairs and Bumblebee have some pretty funny moments where they’re playing around in little sparring matches, and Cogman’s gonna be this bad ass sociopathic ninja butler. But anyways let’s start back at the beginning of the trailer because we get more insight on the different generations of transformers, mainly Bumblebee’s origins.

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