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Top 10 Most Reused/Retooled designs (Movie Rankings) 20019. If there’s 1 thing that’s been a mainstay in the transformers franchise its the concept of remold/retooling. It’s something that can prove to be a creative process or a downright lazy 1. Some characters may share similar features to others. But their standout personalities easily make you forget that they were even molded in another bot’s image. But occasionally there are those robots who’re simply reused as nothing more than a stand-in. What’s up guys? My name is RBG, and welcome to another Transformers Top 10 video. This is something where we take the best and worst elements of the live action films and comprise them in top 10 rankings. For today’s video I wanted to present a list of the most retooled robots in the live action TF universe. Because if we’re gonna be honest there have been a lot of em. Whether it be re-used bodies or robots that have simply been recolored. As mentioned earlier retooling is nothing new when it comes to Transformers. It’s been a thing since the Generation 1 era where we see our favorite characters share a similar sculpt with a newer addition to the roster. Essentially what retooling means is creating a newer version of a pre-existing Transformers toy by adding or removing parts or downright resculpting them completely. It’s a word that’s often confused with a more negative connotation called remolding. But it’s always been a common practice. It’s also something that Michael Bay is all too familiar with. In the first movie it seemed he and the design team would go outta their way to come up with distinctly different concepts for each robot. But over the years he would resort to refurbishing parts for additional characters in the sequels. So without further ado let’s jump into the list.

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