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Top 10 Strongest Small/Short Transformers from the live action movie universe! One of the main things I cover regarding the Transformers movies are the average height and large robots. Pretty much describing how destructive they can be with their size. But I think it’s only right that I take time to give credit to the little guy who made a difference in the Autobot & Decepticon tuggawar. Sometimes it isn’t that the character is too small, it’s that the world’s just too big. What’s going on guys? My name is RBG and I’m bringing you my top 10 list of the strongest small Transformers in the Live Action movies. I repeat live action movies. I wanna make this clear because I know it’s inevitable that I’m gonna get questions asking why I didn’t include certain Transformers who weren’t in the films. So I hope I don’t have to worry about clarifying this in the comments later. And I also wanna make it clear that YES I’ll be using sites like TFWiki to get stats on the characters to avoid throwing out misinformation. But it’s not word for word. I still put my own flavor on the info and give my own opinions. But getting back on track I got a lot of comments on my top 10 giants & combiners video asking me to do a similar list on the small transformers. So I thought it would only be right that I followed suit. Now I gotta admit that it was hard ranking the characters on this list because not everyone shows how strong they are through sheer strength alone. So I’m not gonna just rank them on their physicality, I’m also gonna base it on their techniques and strategies.

Posted on May 17, 2019 by H.A.G Entertainment

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