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Why the allspark turns human technology into Decepticons explained. What’s going on guys? RBG here back with another Transformers related video. And there’s been this lingering question that almost everyone in the fandom has asked. And it’s why do electronic items become Decepticons and not Autobots after being brought to life by the Allspark. It’s something that’s never really been explained in the movies. And it’s just downright weird. Because you wouldn’t expect this highly revered ancient energy source to strictly create bad guys. So I’m gonna to take a deep dive in this particular lore’s history to figure out why this is the case. This version of the cube was derived from hybridizing the concepts of Vector Sigma and the Matrix of Leadership, but the term “Matrix” was off limits because the object had the same name in the live-action film series the Matrix, and it’s a big cube because, in the original screenplay, it was going to be called the “Energon Cube” instead. Optimus Prime’s description in the movie intro would suggest it also bears similarities to a Cyber Planet Key from Transformers Cybertron. Being the object that brought robotic life to Cybertron would also make it comparable to the Key to Vector Sigma of Generation One. Although its physical form differs across the universal streams in which it appears, the powers and history of the AllSpark remain common across the multiverse: It is one of the fabled sacred implements, the objects capable of creating new Transformer life. By stating Cybertron and the Transformers were created by the All Spark, the movie retcons the retcon that Primus is Cybertron & the source of Transformer life across all continuities. Unless, that is, the All Spark is Primus’ proxy or means through which he acts.

Source of Info: https://transformers.fandom.com/wiki/AllSpark

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