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What was the point of Bumblebee’s Hammer in Transformers 5? And if you’re gonna answer “to beat the breaks off of Nemesis Prime” then I’ll save you the effort of typing. Because if that was the case then it’s lazy writing at its finest and a waste of hype. I remember coming up with different speculations revolving around this weapon before the movie hit theaters. If it was me in the writing chair I would’ve made it the legendary forge of Solus. That would’ve been the perfect plot device to snap Optimus out of his evil hypnosis. As opposed to Bumblebee magically gaining his voice back to talk. Like did he not gain it back at the end of the first film? Fun fact the hammer was gonna be brought back in the Bumblebee movie. Where it would leave a print of the Autobot and volkswagon insignia into the body of its victims when hit. Talk about wasted potential.

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