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What was the point of Optimus Prime’s sword in Transformers 4 & 5? I mean it was cool and definitely added to his new knightly aesthetic in Transformers Age of Extinction. But what general purpose did it serve that his main inventory of blades couldn’t? Like I’ll take a scorching hot energon sword over a long basic sword any day. Something that I thought would’ve given it more appeal and mystique is if they made it a classic weapons such as the Star Saber. I mean it was found on the Knight’s Temenos. And the original Greek definition for the word Temenos means a piece of land cut off and assigned to either some high authority or dedicated to a god. So Optimus is literally weilding a weapon that originates from some unknown individual or diety of legenary status. But the sword itself is never really explored or given any sort of novelty. The only thing that makes it cool at least in my opinion is it’s name. The Sword of Judgement.

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Posted on August 16, 2022 by H.A.G Entertainment

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