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When Autobots use Decepticon weapons. If you haven’t noticed by now I watch these live action Transformers Movies religiously. I know them like the back of my hand. But that doesn’t mean I don’t discover new things when I go back and rewatch them. Something that I noticed throughout the years is that the Autobots tend to share some of their artillery with other characters. 1 of the first instances would have to be when Bumblebee was since with an arm mounted Pincer Claw in TF4 which looks an awful lot like the 1 we saw Megatron use in TF2. We see Optimus Prime using a Quad Barrel shotgun in TF5 which looks exactly like the 1 Hound used in TF4 exept the color matches his paint job. He continues borrowing weapons in the newer films when seen using a blaster that looks very similar to Dropkick’s Scatter Cannon from Transformers Bumblebee. Talk about showing your enemy how to put their own weapon to good use!

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