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You ever wonder why Ironhide never used his new guns in Transformers 3? Yeah if you pay close attention he never used them at all despite them being teased at the beginning of the movie. Which is a bummer because it looked like Wheeljack suited him up with some ultra tech weaponry. During the big battle in Egypt Ironhide ditches his trusty arm cannons while running from a 2000-pound JDAM bombs. This is why he looks like a former gym rat who’s lost a lot of gains in the arm department. So to make up for this Wheeljack fits him with 2 twin Nucleon Shock rifles called Heavy Iron and Heavy Iron 2.0. But during a Mexican Standoff with the Dreads he drops his new upgrades and only uses a weapon that’s kicked to him by Sideswipe. Fans were probably expecting to get to see him use his guns later but unfortunately he was killed as soon as Sentinel Prime turned heel. Thankfully we got to see how Powerful Heavy Iron was in the Dark of the Moon movie tie-in game. Nothing beats a hands-on impression right?

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Posted on September 3, 2022 by H.A.G Entertainment

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