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Transformers who were influenced by Humans. I’m pretty sure every Cybertronian had their own belief system and culture before landing on Earth. If I’m not mistaken Ironhide belonged to a warrior tribe called the Thetacons. But when you hang around a different environment long enough you’re bound to pick up a few cultural habits. 1 prime example would have to be the Autobot 1st lieutenant Jazz who developed a love for Hip Hop. He not only encorporated the slang vanacular but he also learned how to move like a breakdancer. We also have Drift, a Decepticon turned Autobot who took refuge in Japan during the early 1860s and embraced the Samurai way. Lastly we have the Iacon Knights whom took an oath with King Arthur and his knights of the round table. So yeah, humans can contribute good things when it comes to Transformers.

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